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Meraki and Co have launched a movement 'creating kindness' designed to give you the simple tools and inspiration to make a difference. We send free kindness cards in all of our boxes, enabling people to grow the movement one random act of kindness at a time. Kindness creates connection, has pure intentions and is given freely, using our kindness cards a simple gesture will have a continuous flow on effect.

How it works

Carry out an act of kindness anonymously and leave the kindness card, enabling the next person to continue creating kindness. Share your kindness card experience with us #merakindness or email

Be a part of the movement, be kind, be creative, be inspiring – what would make your day?

  • Leave home grown herbs or veges on a friends doorstep
  • Mow a neighbour’s lawn
  • Pay for someone’s car parking before it runs out
  • Surprise someone with flowers
  • Leave a book that you have read on public transport or in a public place
  • Bake them or make them something
  • Pay for someone’s coffee
  • Write a handmade card to someone who inspires you
  • Send a care package


Creating kindness cardCreating kindness card

pay it forward

Includes regularly donating a percentage of profits to local Australian charities, donating products for charity events and supporting non for profit campaigns and initiatives. If you have a cause that you believe would benefit from the help of the Meraki and Co team please contact us

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